The Future is now – Graphic Design on a Tablet

The Future is now – Graphic Design on a Tablet

November 21, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Due to the complex and intricate nature of much of graphic design and web design work, designers are usually required to have relatively bulky equipment.  Large monitors with pristine color spectrums, large desks, ergonomic chairs and mouses, you name it.  A comfortable and clear environment for designers and artists to enable them to do their work is a necessity.

The introductions of tablet computers like iPads was a revolution to the general computing industry.  The minimalist design, light weight and easy to transport devices made for perfect solutions for everyday tasks like reading email, note taking, watching Netflix, etc.  However, professional designers were resistant to adopting them for their daily tasks, as might be expected.

In recent times, however, this may be slated to change.

Marketing Towards Artists – The Microsoft Surface

After apple changed the game and introduced the tablet PC to the word with the launch of the iPad, comeptitors scrambled to get a share of the newly generated marketplace.  Most notably was the Microsoft tablet PC, the “Surface”.  Touting the Windows operating system, it was positioned as a “PC” alternative to the Apple product.

However, in addition to being a simple alternative to those that prefer Windows over iOS, it was also marketed specifically towards designers and artists (in addition to other tactical targeting such as the education sector).  The Surface Pro commercials tout the sensitive pen and screen that allow for direct sketching, the high resolution and clear color palette of the screen, as well as how it can enable users to fulfill on their creativity.

It Seems to Be Working (Studies Show)

The marketing efforts at Microsoft seem to be working, as a recent study of 1300 users shows the Surface Pro as the only brand close to being able to compete with Apples iPad.  Specific to our points above, it’s actually outranks Microsoft in some segments on being the tablet which “empowers you to be the most creative”.  Nice work by the marketing team at Microsoft:

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The Future of Tablets and Creatives

It’s hard to tell what the future will hold for the use of tablet PCs in the creative profession.  Perhaps we are being naïve to think that the old school PC tower and large monitor will never disappear entirely, but it seems reasonable to assume that certain segments of creatives will prefer the more agile approach that tablets provide.  This may especially be true for freelancers, those that travel, or those digital nomads that find homes in coffee shops around the globe.

We’ll have to see how it all plays out.  The millennials continue to age and their buying habits become more concrete, and as the post-millenial generation starts to gain buying power and entrench it’s own trends, it will be interesting to see what preferences they each converge on.  Will the practicality of a tower-PC system win out of the stylish and nimble nature of a tablet PC? Only time will tell.