6 Crucial Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring A BigCommerce Developer

6 Crucial Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring A BigCommerce Developer

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BigCommerce is one of the finest eCommerce platforms available today. With easy implementation and customer-centric themes, BigCommerce has seen tremendous growth in the last decade.

Whether you’re an eCommerce business or an agency looking for a talented BigCommerce developer, there are some factors you should keep in mind. We are going to discuss 6 factors you should keep in mind before choosing a BigCommerce developer for your business.


  1. Check Domain Knowledge


When you’re in the process of picking the right BigCommerce Developer, you’ll come across a lot of profiles from various sources. Rather than asking common questions, ask them about insights or updates of BigCommerce.

You can ask about the following things to check the candidate’s knowledge in BigCommerce:


Periodic updates in BigCommerce

Various apps suitable for XYZ store

Things they can improve in XYZ store

Favorite BigCommerce themes & why?

Favorite BigCommerce add-ons & why?

Scopes of personalization in BigCommerce

These questions will give you a solid idea whether the candidate is right for your business or not.


  1. Experience


Obviously, experience matters a lot when you have to personalize your own store or satisfy clients. You can ask the following questions to candidates when you want to check out their experience in BigCommerce:


What are the niches in eCommerce that you have worked upon?

Which one is your favorite niche to work and why?

Which one is your least favorite niche to work and why?

Can you show some of your previous work?

 Which one is your favorite work from your portfolio and why?

What kind of development have you done in BigCommerce in your career?


By asking such questions, you can get the exact idea of the work that the candidate has done. Plus, you will also get a clear picture of whether they are right for your business or not.


  1. Themes


Themes is one of the very important factors for any eCommerce platforms, especially for BigCommerce. BigCommerce themes are minimal in nature and give the finest user experience. As a BigCommerce Developer, one should know what elements of BigCommerce theme are usually personalized, how much efforts will it take, and things to keep in mind in this process.

By asking various questions about themes, you’ll get to know the knowledge of the candidate in this particular segment.


  1. How Would You Design a Store From The Scratch?


This is a very important question! By asking the candidate about the process of designing the store from scratch, you’ll get to know how that person thinks. By asking this single question you can come to the following conclusions:


What are the important elements that he covered?

What are the important elements that he missed?

Will his approach take more time or less time than your ideal process?

Does this approach give better results? (you can match up to his portfolio)

Can his approach improve your existing process?


When you ask a candidate such question, you also get to know his capabilities to manage projects. As a BigCommerce Developer in your company, the candidate needs to be capable enough to manage the projects independently.


  1. Contribution in BigCommerce Community


BigCommerce has a very big community across the globe. In such communities, people ask questions about the problems they are facing with their stores, and active developers come up with viable solutions to solve their problems.

It’s a great way to filter your list when there are multiple applicants with the same level of experience and expertise.

Ask the candidate about their involvements in BigCommerce Community. You can also ask for some of the answers they have written. Community connection is a great way to build brand name among this society. If you’re an agency, this can be a great way to connect with new people and convert new projects.

If you hire a developer who is actively involved in these communities, he can help you with a lot of things except for the development.


  1. Expectations


This is the part where you will realize whether the candidate is right for your company or not. Asking the candidate about the expectations in terms of work or money will put a bow on this whole thing.

If the candidate is expecting the projects that do not match up with your company, the equation is not going to last for long. The second important thing is the salary. You must have a figure in your head, at least a limit. If the candidate is asking more than you have decided, you should put him on hold, and explore other options.



We hope these critical points will help you decide a set of right applicants and pick the right one for your business. The needs for an eCommerce business and eCommerce agency will be different, but these questions can be relevant in both cases.




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