5 Top components of a WordPress website which are very important.

5 Top components of a WordPress website which are very important.

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The digital world asks for your digital presence. As per one research, more than 60% of the clients never connect with companies without a website. Whenever they approach any service provider, they first check whether there is any information available online. If yes, they initiate the further procedure.

Our explanation clearly says that a company should have a website to pass the first stage of the client’s trust successfully. But, what all pointers you need to focus on, and keep in mind while designing your website? What are the factors that affect the client’s confidence?


Top 5 things to keep an eye on while creating a WordPress website


  • Web Domain Name

We know that most of you are aware of purchasing a domain that relates to the name of your company. But choosing the right domain name is very necessary as it affects your chances of coming in the search engine results.

Your domain name needs to be a combination of simple spelling. It should be SEO optimized. You need to include your brand identity along with a possible keyword to get searched easily on any search engine.

Your domain name defines your work!


  • Web Server Hosting

The server is a location where your host your website. On every click, a call is made to the server and the server fetches the result as required.

The reaction time of the server needs to be as minimal as it can. The lesser the reaction time, the more are the chances of the users to stay on your website. As per one result, the loading time for a page should not exceed 3-4 seconds.

You need to take care of the loading time of the website to avoid any miss out of the client. A slow website will result in a possible loss of your business.

This is why it is crucial to choose the right web hosting provider.


  • Navigations between the pages should be user-friendly.

Yes, there are chances where you are designing a one-page website. This point is not for you.

When you are developing a multi-page website, your web design needs to be user-friendly in terms of navigation. Like, a proper menu bar with options to navigate to other pages.

A menu is the first thing that any customer check on visiting your website. If they feel it hard to find information about your organization, they are bound to close your site.

It is crucial to keep a menu in a visible area on the website to help customers find information about your work.


  • Your website should respond well on multiple devices.

We have entered the digital era, and the world is more on mobile & tablets rather than on PCs & Laptops.

Suppose you are building your website, and think of developing it for PCs & Laptops, then you are losing a good chunk of users working on mobiles.

The user must get the same services while using a mobile phone, which they will get on PCs or Laptops.


  • Create useful content

Content plays a significant role while creating a website. Your content builds the brand identity in front of a new customer visiting your site.

Your content on the website needs to be well studied and optimized. If it leads your possible customer in the wrong direction, it is a loss for you.

So make sure your content is point-to-point, professional, and gives a perfect idea to your customer regarding your work. Content cannot be misleading!

There are several other less important components you need to take care of while creating your WordPress website. Like,

  • Your website must have a ‘FAQ’ section answering significant problems your customers can face while using your product and services.
  • ‘Testimonials’ on your website play a useful role in converting your leads into a client. If you are running a newly born startup, keeping testimonials will bring new customers.
  • It is necessary to keep the ‘About Us’ section on your website. It gives customers an idea of what you do!
  • Providing contact information on any website is a must. It creates credibility for your business.
  • A call to action will generate new clients visiting your website through search engines.

If by any chance, you have missed out on any point while designing your website, you better know your next action. We have tried listing as many points as we found it essential while creating a WordPress website.

Whether you are the DIY type when it comes to creating your WordPress website, or you employ a custom web design company to build it for you, the above tips need to be respected.  So, think thrice, react wisely, and upload a website that is optimized!


Author Bio: Ryan Holman working as a blogger for the last 6+ years, Ryan would like to share his insight about various topics through his content.