Why choosing an email marketing software that has Predictive Eye Tracking

Why choosing an email marketing software that has Predictive Eye Tracking

August 29, 2019 Uncategorized 0

One might say that to see things through someone else’s eyes is the dream of every marketer. After all, part of the secret of success in business is to be able to assess the persona’s desires and pain points.


That would in fact make things a lot easier, especially when it comes to adjusting the small details that influence the way people think of your brand. It has been shown that the human brain forms an emotional response to an ad within just a fraction of a second. Furthermore, studies have been conclusive in asserting the influence of visual elements over the perception we have of a brand.


Take as an example the symbolism of colours. Or the fact that many companies have had the need to change their logos in order to keep up to date. There are plenty of small details decisively and subconsciously influencing our purchase decision process that often pass unnoticed. Having this in consideration, we might infer the importance of creating a positive impact in regards to aesthetics.


It was with the intent of helping everyone to achieve outstanding results in this field that some of the best email marketing softwares incorporated the Predictive Eye Tracking.


How can Predictive Eye Tracking make the difference in your email marketing software?


Even though the original purpose of the Eye Tracking technology was rather different, it has recently been adapted to the marketing world (by companies like Sarbacane) in order to measure the level of attention that certain elements of a marketing campaign draw from the public.


More specifically, it may be used in email marketing to identify the elements of a newsletter that draw the most attention and to enhance its aesthetic coherence, amongst other purposes.


The concept behind it is to use algorithms that deduct and simulate the way someone will read your email. By predicting your target’s eye movements, you gain an extraordinary advantage that will enable you to improve its visual components.


4 different reports to help you get better results


But how does Predictive Eye Tracking look like in an email marketing software? In Mailify, this feature generates the following reports: Heat Zones, Eye Movements, Opacity Ratio and Aesthetic Analysis. Below you will find a description for each one of them.


  • Heat Zones

This report aims to identify the areas of your newsletter that will be more clickable before you send it. It applies different colours to distinguish the level of intensity in each zone. The zones where the red and orange tones prevail correspond to the areas that will generate more clicks.


  • Eye Movements

This report basically predicts the movements of the reader’s eyes, by drawing a likely trajectory throughout the first 7.5 seconds of the viewing, after the moment your email has been opened. It may help you to reflect on issues such as the correct placement of the CTAs, for example, or even to analyse one’s persistence over certain elements while reading.


  • Opacity Ratio

This report may reveal its usefulness when the time comes to accurately identify the most appealing areas of your newsletter. After all, the decision of whether or not to click in a message is taken within just a few instants, so it definitely helps to have a notion of which areas will be more visible and draw the most attention once it is being viewed.


  • Aesthetic analysis

A wonderful tool that will enable you to achieve outstanding results in terms of visual harmony and structural design. It gives you a score from 0 to 100 on 3 different levels: color, clarity and balance. Subsequently, the task of creating an attractive, harmonic and balanced newsletter will become a lot easier.