Why Sending Invoices Via Software Is Best For Your Business

Why Sending Invoices Via Software Is Best For Your Business

September 2, 2019 Uncategorized 0


More and more things are being accomplished on the web – online shopping, marketing, scheduling doctors appointments and yes even invoicing.

Having online software dedicated to invoicing provides variety of to you, your business and your clients. Let’s go over some of the main reasons why invoicing software is a necessity for you.



In the information age we find ourselves in, we are blessed with tremendous accessibility – this includes invoicing.

Waiting for the mailman to arrive with your precious invoices, or having to get up and leave your home to go to mail it out invoices…That is a thing of the past. You shouldn’t have to burden yourself and your customer with slow mail service. Online invoicing is quick and instant, both for you and your client.

Using online invoicing software creates easy accessibility for you and your client. The invoices are there your fingertips – just open up your computer or phone at anytime. Convenience is the name of the game.

Gone are the days when you have to wait for invoices to arrive in the mail. There are options available that allow you to receive and view invoices online.



Online invoicing has many advantages among which is the your ability to automate your invoices.

Automation and using recurring invoices leaves you open to doing more important things for your business. Avoid wasting your precious time trying to stay on top of your invoicing when you can let the software handle it.


Track Multiple Invoices

Tracking all your invoices from multiples sources can become a bit tedious. You shouldn’t have to deal with such things in the 21’s century. Invoicing software can make the monotony of managing invoices go away.

Also, it makes it impossible to misplace online invoices for your client. Can you imagine if someone lost your paper invoice? You now have to go through the lengthy process of mailing it out again. Add at another couple days to you getting your money for the work you did.

Online invoicing also offers payment reminders. Things have a possibility of getting a bit hectic and overwhelming for both you and your client. You never know, some things such as payments can slip their mind, and they might slip your mind too.

With invoicing software you can be reminded of outstanding invoices and your client will also be made aware of services that still need to be paid for.


Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is a great byproduct of switching to online invoicing. Think about how much time and money you would spend if you have to print out each individual invoice? Now that you have printed out invoices, you have to seal them in an envelope, buy postage stamps and mail them out.

Might not seem like a lot, but costs for stamps, printer ink, envelopes quickly add up. Let’s not forget all the time it takes to actually go through the process of leaving your home and tracking down those elusive mailboxes.

All that could end up taking a chunk out of your bottom line. Those unnecessary steps could and should be quickly eliminated.


 Environmentally Friendly

Going with paper invoices is a thing of the past. It’s time to look into the future, and take care of our clients as well as preserve the scarce resources our planet has to offer.

Invoicing with software alleviates some of the negative impact on the environment you and everyone else lives in. 50% of all the waste a business produce is paper and paper products. Think about all the resources that are used to create the paper you so carelessly consume.

Have a look at other staggering figures. An average office worker uses a mind boggling 10,000 sheets of paper a year. That’s over 500 kg of paper annually for 1 office worker.

Think about how you handle your invoices with your clients. Are you still stuck in the past, using sheets of paper and envelopes to contact your clients with pertinent financial information?


It might be time for a change. Not only will you be using less, you will also accomplish more! Online invoicing offers the ability Invoice a lot faster and all your important information will stay much more secure in an online cloud.



Uwe is the founder of online invoicing software InvoiceBerry. Small businesses and sole traders can create, send and manage their invoices, quotes and credit notes with the tool. In his free time, Uwe travels the world and enjoys experiencing different cultures.